The values of art are not necessarily tied to the acceleration of our time, but to the emotionality of the soul, the love of the heart, the poetry of life. These values, similar to the concentration of prayer, do not belong to any time but they are eternal.
Each artist should generously donate to the world the beauty of his own heart and not his discomforts, the struggling poetry of his soul and not his pain.
The beauty of nature, of which man is an integral part, cannot be omitted. It meets us everywhere, in the street, in gardens, in the happy image of youth, through smiles and in someone else’s glance. And if we are hardly available for spirit, our eyes can see at a glance the straying countryside in which sky and earth permeate each other.
The image of beauty that crosses our soul is tied to the light, the immaterial aspect of creation, the immediateness of the endless present. For harmony and perfection, this Light can only show itself to pure eyes and to all those who hold within themselves the same virtual qualities of the heart and soul expressed in a work of art.

Pietro Gentili

From the presentation of the exhibition “Transcendentale”, 1/12/1998-9/1/1999, Padua, Estro Gallery.